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Game Maker Games

Pokebreed Ultimate (100%)
Starcraft Shooter 2 (95%)
Mythical Breeder (35%)
Pokebreed 2 (12%)
Tanks Wars (100%)
MMX Fire Mavericks (15%)
Blast Corps 2D (25%)
Mewtwo's Revenge (20%)
Medieval Economy (15%)
GM RPG Engine (30%)
Links & Contact Info

Hi, timeblade0 here, I make games using Gamemaker. If you want to play them, click a link on the left. Games with a [GM] can only be played if you have the program - Gamemaker. You can make your own games by downloading Gamemaker in the links.


*  1/2/14 updates to Pokebreed Ultimate
-Fixed a bug that caused Rhyhorn to not breed.
-Increased resolution from 800x600 to 1024x768

* 12/29/11 - updates to gm rpgmaker 
* ported to GM8.1. old version is available by request.
* tell me about any bugs in the new port.