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Pokebreed Ultimate (100%)

Pokebreed Ultimate (100%)
Starcraft Shooter 2 (95%)
Mythical Breeder (35%)
Pokebreed 2 (12%)
Tanks Wars (100%)
MMX Fire Mavericks (15%)
Blast Corps 2D (25%)
Mewtwo's Revenge (20%)
Medieval Economy (15%)
GM RPG Engine (30%)
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<Download Here>

^^Press F1 in game for controls.^^

Pokemon games let you breed 2 Pokemon at a time. What if you want to breed more? What if you want to crossbreed for new species?

Want a Vulpix? Breed an Eevee with a Charmander.
Mix and match to see what crossbred species will be born.

-Over 50 crossbreeds to discover.
-8 Gym Leaders requesting certain breeds
-Customize your breeding ranch

How to play:
When the game starts, the will be 2 Charmanders, 2 Squirtles, and 2 Bulbasaurs in pens. Left click a gate to open or close it. Drag a Pokemon to where ever you want. Bring 2 Pokemon of different gender to the breeding area (corner pens) and they will breed. 2 of the same specie make a baby, while mixed species make different Pokemon. Most Pokemon will evolve over time, but some need stones to evolve. Eggs have a 50:50 chance of male or female. You can press enter to open the shop and buy more Pokemon.