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Game Maker Games

GM RPG Engine (30%)

Pokebreed Ultimate (100%)
Starcraft Shooter 2 (95%)
Mythical Breeder (35%)
Pokebreed 2 (12%)
Tanks Wars (100%)
MMX Fire Mavericks (15%)
Blast Corps 2D (25%)
Mewtwo's Revenge (20%)
Medieval Economy (15%)
GM RPG Engine (30%)
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<Download Compiled EXE Here>

<Download GM8.1 Source Code Here>

^^Press F1 in game for controls.^^

What it is:
This is an engine that I made for Gamemaker that is similer to RPG Maker. It allows you to make your own RPG's without having to do huge amounts of coding. It is made for GM8.1. I tried to comment stuff as much as possible. I want this program to be usable for begginers and experts.

While using RPG Maker, I got very annoyed with it's many limitations. I also use GM, and know that it has few limitations compared to RPG Maker. I decided to combine the good features of both. This is the result.